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20th May 2016

4:54am: Tumbleweeds

22nd March 2011

6:42pm: Tweets for Today
This is the TEST (some parts are faked) shipment you asked for

  • 08:42 I couldn't find a tweet to post for loudtwitter #
  • 08:42 So I posted this. #
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8th June 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 04:51 So now would totally be a good time to break into Apple HQ, right? #
  • 07:11 So I'm heading back after a whole night spent outside the #lattebelt. Do you think @maxmarkson would be interested in my tale of survival? #
  • 07:17 Also, I didn't know they even *had* bus stop sixtys #
  • 07:29 It's really quite chilly this morning, isn't it, Captain Obvious? #
  • 07:37 RT @melkettle: RT @slqld: Out of the Box, festival for under 8s, kicks off today! See what's on at the State Library bit.ly/aEfTMZ #
  • 07:48 RT @adelaidenow: AFL legend Kevin Sheedy backs Kevin Rudd bit.ly/99dr2j [To do what? Kick three goals in time on?] #
  • 08:14 I'm at Quattro (266 George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/8XIaTO #
  • 09:20 I'm at Brisbane Square Library (266 George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/4KyQv4 #
  • 12:02 I'm at Dome Cafe (147-151 George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/bgARqR #
  • 15:45 I have new shirts, shoes and a tie. Thank you Avelima for helping me make fashionable choices :D #fb #
  • 16:38 By @definatalie: No more Frock Watch Mia, please www.definatalie.com/2010/06/08/no-more-frock-watch-mia-please/ #fb #
  • 17:21 Have any HTC Desire-owning peeps had trouble with the USB port? Mine is now only going into the phone half-way :/ #fb #
  • 19:28 I can't make the election candidates' forum with @AndrewBartlett, Arch Bevis and Teresa Gambaro but you can follow its hashtag #mphbne #
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7th June 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 20:04 The review in fact says the film was quite shallow but many reviews were ALSO misogynistic #
  • 20:48 So glad to be heading home. @4zzznews in the morning, any stories need covering I might not know about? Already on Whores' Day and #flotilla #
  • 07:50 RT @GeneHunt: I met someone today who thought that HG Wells is where mercury comes from. [ooh, clever!] #fb #
  • 08:44 RT @612brisbane Taxi drivers at Brisbane airport stopped work last night - "feeder rank" not big enough, they say bit.ly/aiHiGG #
  • 08:51 RT @4zzznews 9am Marches for Palestine +Int'l Whores' Day, supertankers to vacuum up Gulf oil spill?, Indigenous unemployment still high #
  • 09:26 RT @4zzznews: Indigenous unemployment still high despite Rudd’s promise bit.ly/dg5eah #
  • 09:43 RT @4zzznews: Supertankers to vacuum up Gulf of Mexico oil spill? bit.ly/caDc5p #
  • 10:33 RT @4zzznews: Hundreds rally twice in Brisbane last week to support Palestinian freedom bit.ly/cgcVat #
  • 10:51 RT @oz_f: Compulsory preferencing is ridiculous as it forces you to vote for one of the two major parties anyway. #
  • 12:19 Real women occupy a definite place in space and time which cannot be simultaneously occupied by any other material form. #
  • 12:20 Real women continue to exist even when you are not observing them. #
  • 12:22 Real women come in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. No one shape or size can define real women. #
  • 13:16 Just saw an ad for HTC Desire saying it's the first phone ever sculpted from solid piece of aluminium. What a silly thing to promote! #fb #
  • 13:18 How about "fully customiseable"? Also, HTC Desire advertising team, do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit? #
  • 13:25 RT @OxfamAustralia @MPHAustralia Brisbane forum tomorrow 6pm: Arch Bevis (ALP) @AndrewBartlett (Grn) Teresa Gambaro (LNP) ht.ly/1UQHM #
  • 16:41 And now they want a say in the Government of the North? Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Justin Bieber #MisattributedBieberQuotes #
  • 17:11 RT @girlclumsy: Labor wont support daylight saving bill in qld. [boo hiss] #fb #
  • 17:42 RT @stinginthetail: RT @wikileaks: Question: If we were to start a documentary production house, would you invest in it? If so, how much? #
  • 18:19 I thought of the best joke, but out of fear (which I shall pretend is respect) I shall save it for omg_too_soon on LiveJournal #
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6th June 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 20:10 Getting a lift home from work = awesome. Thanks, Jason :) #fb #
  • 04:00 My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier (36), Deborah Conway (12) and Quallofill (12) bit.ly/8YAm56 #
  • 06:59 Why the Sex and the City 2 reviews were misogynistic | Bidisha | Life and style | The Guardian djckmn.com/6y ping @girlclumsy #
  • 10:40 So that @4zzz Music Geekzzz thing is TODAY at the Rumpus Room in West End. I'll be there from 2.30pm ish, wanna come along? #fb #
  • 10:42 Music Geekzzz is new music from the @4zzz music library, a good chance to catch up on what's just hit the station. #
  • 11:32 Suitcase Rummage Markets in King George Square midday to 7pm today djckmn.com/6z #
  • 13:31 Don't you wish people would be more aware and get the hell out of your way as you try to take candid, realistic photography? #fb #
  • 13:38 Brisbane Blog: brisbaneblog: Pix: Suitcase Rummage market on right now in King George Square, City djckmn.com/72 ** #
  • 13:39 New Music at 4ZZZ-FM's Music Geekzzz, Rumpus Room, 56 Russell St West End, today 3pm @4zzz djckmn.com/71 ** #
  • 14:07 There is NO WAY net censorship opponents can make Conroy lose his job. But we can doom censorship to failure: tell people how to beat it #fb #
  • 14:08 For instance, pass around bit.ly/beatcensorship to make Conroy's censorship futile #
  • 14:10 RT @FoxedGlove: Sorry, but this is a hilarious Aldi find: why not have a suck on a... twitpic.com/1uawn4 [I'd prefer a Gaytime] #
  • 14:50 My Flickr photosets: Pix: Suitcase Rummage market... bit.ly/b4SblX #
  • 15:59 Heading away from the Rumpus Room too early, unfortunately, I have pizzas 2 sell. But a good 1st hour, well worth checking out Music Geekzzz #
  • 16:17 Oh dear the Sunday matinee opera crowd just hit the bus station. Probably a dozen of em with a gutful of sherry. They'll be punching on soon #
  • 18:40 Today our jackbooted thugs were randomly asking brown and black people if they were legally in the UK. #customs #fb #
  • 20:00 Quite amused ppl can't see this article does NOT say you're misogynist 4 disliking SATC2 djckmn.com/6y Author doesn't like it either #
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5th June 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 22:29 We are on our #btub way! Me, @bronska01, @cosmicjester and @goughanthony #
  • 23:41 I'm at Greystone Bar & Cellar w/ @caitliness @sircrumpet. 4sq.com/743llB #
  • 09:42 Great to meet @k_o_o, @traceymmm and @goashley properly last night. And I hope you had a top night @bronska01 :D #
  • 13:07 I just cooked a supermarket pizza. To make it seem more like work I phoned the oven and asked it to list every single pizza they had #fb #
  • 16:07 Dear @TransFailSEQ, what brand of lubricant do you recommend to really enhance the Translink experience? #
  • 16:25 RT @abcnews International Whores Day to tackle discrimination bit.ly/d8y1cb #
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4th June 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 22:20 Shared: Escape From America: The Strange & Scary Billionaires Behind The Libertarian-Inspired Sea Castles bit.ly/dDuBXv #
  • 23:05 OK David, here's the thing. If you go to bed now you won't be totally exhausted in the morning. Do eet. DO EET! #fb #
  • 23:22 RT @damana: @Tarale @lindsayevans I vote icecream with bacon bits. [You win all the Internets for EVER] #
  • 01:34 Brisbane Blog: brisbaneblog: Vid: Trumpeter and Juggler outside Glen’s Espresso coffee cart, 82 Ann St, City djckmn.com/3f ** #
  • 02:12 YouTube: Vid: Juggler and Trumpeted at Glen's Espresso Coffee Ca ... bit.ly/9rxXuK #
  • 02:12 YouTube: Vid: Trumpeter and Juggler outside Glen's Espresso coff ... bit.ly/aqZYsh #
  • 02:39 Brisbane Blog: brisbaneblog: Vid: Juggler and Trumpeted at Glen’s Espresso Coffee Cart, City djckmn.com/3h ** #
  • 02:40 Brisbane Blog: brisbaneblog: Untitled djckmn.com/3g ** #
  • 07:25 That guy who runs @27bslash6? He must be very rich or a secret agent. Also, he has a car for sale www.27bslash6.com/sold.html #
  • 07:26 Happy Birthday to the wonderful @Bronska01! xox #
  • 07:38 What? It's @TristanRose's birthday too? Have a great day :) #
  • 08:24 Oh, here come the future cubicle slaves to be taught how to mail merge using Office 2003. I must escape from that sort of job prospect. #fb #
  • 09:01 I'm at Jschool (82 Ann St, George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/aOADbR #
  • 13:53 May I suggest you follow @TransFailSEQ and @Centrelinkgovau for the lulz? #followfriday #ff #
  • 13:54 RT @4ZzZ: The 4ZzZ Music Department presents Music Geekzzz! 3-7pm, Sun 6th Jun at the Rumpus Room in West End. ow.ly/i/1LPW #
  • 13:59 May I suggest you follow @TransFailSEQ and @Centerlinkgovau for the lulz? #followfriday #ff (corrected spelling) #
  • 15:57 I'm at Mafia Farm Vampire Zoo (Harcourt St, Brunswick St, New Farm). 4sq.com/a1wfx5 #
  • 16:32 RT @ThatFishGuy: Kevin Rudd needs to learn that when Obama puts maybe on facebook, it doesn't mean he's definitely coming. #
  • 17:12 Blue Heaven Flavoured Topping, Flavoured Topping, Beverage, Jelly Crystals, Topping, Vinegar bit.ly/9hZnJ2 @definatalie #
  • 18:56 Looking good, smelling *nice* (Thank you Mr Hilfiger). Ready for a fun night out with good people #fb #
  • 19:08 I'm at Tibetan Kitchen (454 Brunswick Street, Brisbane). 4sq.com/b9UhWN #
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3rd June 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 20:02 Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake 435km NE of Port Moresby, PNG - *No* Tsunami Watch issued yet* djckmn.com/5 #
  • 21:07 My Flickr photosets: Pix: Yesterday's Yarnbomb in... bit.ly/aUtm7j #
  • 21:42 YES! YES! YES! I solved a web problem I had NO IDEA about. Yay for bursts of inspiration after hours of not having a clue! #
  • 07:09 RT @wilw: I wrote some more about that Facebook thing on my blog: bit.ly/b2Pqk0 [Good, balanced take on the FB situation] #fb #
  • 07:12 RT @newscientist: Shape-shifting Pacific islands defy sea-level rise bit.ly/dCHFiq [ but will global-warming hysteria cease?] #fb #
  • 07:51 I'm at Cultural Centre Busway Station (Melbourne St, btw Grey & Stanley, South Brisbane). 4sq.com/5N1CkO #
  • 08:09 My Flickr photosets: Pix: More Shrapnel from... bit.ly/dgXQ3i #
  • 08:14 RT @brisbaneblog: Pix: More Shrapnel from Tuesday’s Yarnbombing: Victoria Bridge djckmn.com/1i ** #
  • 08:18 I'm at Glen's Espresso (82 Ann Street, Brisbane). 4sq.com/4vpVdQ #
  • 08:43 Rather than pointing out the obvious fact that Bolt is a dickhead, anyone got ideas to make his trollumnist bullshit less popular? #fb #
  • 11:44 I'm at Jschool (82 Ann St, George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/aOADbR #
  • 11:48 RT @4zzznews: Teacher strike today bit.ly/cpgXbj #
  • 13:12 RT @7NewsQLD: BREAKING:Bligh rules out #Daylight Saving referendum & trial.Says no mood 4change bit.ly/bRbZva [Rubbish! #fail] #fb #
  • 16:56 It's the long way round but City Glider to Teneriffe & 199 bus back to Brunswick St is more pleasant than cramming on the 199 from town #fb #
  • 17:48 RT @zachsalar: Dear people who sit on the aisle seat on the bus to prevent others sitting next to them. You're all pricks! [+1 +1 +1 +1 +1] #
  • 18:07 RT @brisbaneblog: The Lifeline Bookfest is looking for volunteers, email volunteer@lccq.org.au #
  • 18:21 Re my comments on bus seat hogs, please also see @campercy and @kissability's tweets on why some young women sit in the aisle seat #
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2nd June 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 22:18 #help has anyone got the YOURLS to Twitter WP plunging working in Nearlyfreespeech.net sites? Could *really* use some advice. #
  • 22:49 Test post bit.ly/duXEKT #
  • 07:34 I'm at Cultural Centre Busway Station (Melbourne St, btw Grey & Stanley, South Brisbane). 4sq.com/5N1CkO #
  • 08:38 I'm at Mafia Farm Vampire Zoo (Harcourt St, Brunswick St, New Farm). 4sq.com/a1wfx5 #
  • 14:56 Shared: Let’s put the Gulf-spill crisis into perspective bit.ly/9LkJUt #
  • 15:36 Newsbytes: One entry can kill your rights bit.ly/b8GmxL #
  • 15:57 RT @melkettle: I LOVE THIS! @starcreative 25 BNE sites have been "yarn bombed" by the I Knit Brisbane project tinyurl.com/27tuy4f #
  • 17:44 Pix: Yesterday’s Yarnbomb in Reddacliffe Place (“Brisbane Square”) bit.ly/axgiPt #
  • 17:52 Test post.ly/iBjX #
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12:51am: Test
Testing to see if Twitter works again with Posterous now I've set up OAuth

Posted via email from @djackmanson

1st June 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 22:25 Finally listening to @conwayzygier's new album "Half Man Half Woman". Particularly like "Take Pity on the Beast" and "Cul de Sac". #
  • 23:46 Israel massacres peace activists in the Mediterranean bit.ly/b78W9L #fb #
  • 07:04 7am +the bus is over 3/4 full. I shall treat boasts that new buses = better public transport w skepticism. No use without more drivers #fb #
  • 07:05 That's 3/4 of *full capacity*. Almost every seat taken. #
  • 07:24 I'm at Quattro (266 George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/8XIaTO #
  • 07:46 Shared: Rome: Expansion and upheaval bit.ly/aiH3vD #
  • 07:49 Pinch and a Punch for the first day of the month no returns for ever times a million! #fb #
  • 08:06 RT @brisbaneleft: Speakout against Israel's attack on aid flotilla bit.ly/bsJEjP [J4Palestine BNE] #fb #
  • 08:09 Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight... RT @abcnews: Feminism blamed for rising female violence bit.ly/9WFYwl #
  • 08:12 In late-breaking news, feminism also to blame for global warming, several wars and Justin Bieber. #
  • 12:45 My Flickr photosets: Pix: Balls of yarn and steel,... bit.ly/b4OLWS #
  • 17:13 Great day! Good long talk with a fellow student, saw Emilie on the bus to work, random workmate said she liked my Flickr photos. :D #fb #
  • 18:01 My Flickr photosets: Pix: So I heard about... bit.ly/aS9Ann #
  • 18:31 RT @girlclumsy: Quit. www.girlclumsy.com #
  • 18:34 So according to Israel if you board a boat in international waters they're not allowed to defend their own property? Gotcha. #fb #
  • 18:41 RT @hoydenabouttown: New HaT post - is.gd/cxUmR The lamb roast roundup: Mums and censorship #
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12:07am: Pix: So I heard about guerrilla knitters for the first time today...

31st May 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 01:06 Lovely to go to bed with tomorrow morning's @4zzznews bulletin already written #fb #
  • 01:31 The Old Buggered Cross #InappropriateChurchSongs #
  • 04:34 RT @StopNetCensors: It’s Time to Tell Mum bit.ly/9UCbxv #sicbne #nocleanfeed #
  • 07:52 So does anyone else find Seesmic on Android as buggy as a hall full of entomologists on a bug hunt? #
  • 08:02 I just became the mayor of 4ZZZ 102.1FM on @foursquare! 4sq.com/cF8bRT #
  • 08:02 I'm at 4ZZZ 102.1FM (264 Barry Parade, Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley). 4sq.com/cF8bRT #
  • 09:45 RT @4zzznews: Brisbane City Council Secrecy Plans Treat Community As The Enemy bit.ly/9JG6AK #
  • 09:56 Hundreds brave winter rain in bid to save the Regent [with video] | NEWSBYTES bit.ly/aDnSGb #fb #
  • 10:35 RT @4zzznews: World Refugee Day planning meeting this Wednesday June 2 bit.ly/biyknG #
  • 10:36 RT @4zzznews: Indigenous business leaders in Pilbara split on mining tax bit.ly/dg1OKx #
  • 11:29 RT @4zzznews: 150 Rally for Abortion Rights in Sydney last Saturday bit.ly/dovcD5 #
  • 11:38 RT @NBRrollerderby Come to our social Gay Skate on Saturday 19th June, 9-11pm. j.mp/cUCwl6 All ages. Alcohol-free event. ALL welcome! #
  • 11:40 RT @NBRrollerderby Bout 3 watch the Love Rockettes smash the Diner Might Dolls! June 26, Brisbane Entertainment Centre. j.mp/blZHgZ #
  • 12:02 I'm at Annerley Fruit Barn (408 Ipswich Road, Junction Terrace, Annerley). 4sq.com/d8rrIb #
  • 12:30 RT @TheAmazingKim: Pedantephant (n): someone who tramples all over a conversation, trumpeting detailed corrections to minor details. #
  • 12:35 RT @ds4seq: Peter Wellington has been inundated with positive responses this morning and wants more. Please email him bit.ly/bbFc7r #
  • 12:37 Shared: Mueck’s sculptures show life in the raw bit.ly/d0HstL #
  • 12:37 Shared: Council treats community as ‘the enemy’ – academic bit.ly/9EXBNT #
  • 13:27 RT @bcr_rollerderby: Awesome gallery of shots by our great photographer Deon, from the weekend GCRD vs BCR bout! tinyurl.com/2eecjo3 #
  • 14:56 I'm at Coles Supermarket New Farm (85 Merthyr Rd, Brunswick Street, Brisbane). 4sq.com/5rmNcZ #
  • 15:29 Email from Peter Wellington says he will go ahead with his Private Member's Bill calling for a referendum on Daylight Savings in Queensland #
  • 15:50 My Go Card has exactly $8.88 on it. Wonder if I can sell it in Chinatown for fifty bucks? #
  • 17:45 Newsbytes: Waiters on the run bit.ly/cSQAkQ #
  • 17:45 Newsbytes: Mueck’s sculptures show life in the raw bit.ly/aUP8Xz #
  • 17:45 Newsbytes: $1.7m hi-tech fire fighting unit unveiled bit.ly/aMqkFC #
  • 17:45 Newsbytes: Most ‘Bringing them home’ recommendations ignored – indigenous leader bit.ly/bhnpqD #
  • 17:45 Newsbytes: Qld defeats NSW in first Origin clash bit.ly/b86jGO #
  • 18:30 BrisStyle Markets – handmade crafts from Brisbanites for sale, Sat Jun 5, Racecourse Rd, Hamilton bit.ly/ayrZrx #
  • 18:30 Brisbane Photos: I can (actually) see my house from here bit.ly/ay1CzF #
  • 18:30 Brisbane Roller Derby: Brisbane City Rollers Fresh Meat day, May 23 2010 bit.ly/dwBz2L #
  • 18:30 Redcliffe Kitefest 2010 on this weekend, Pelican Park, Clontarf bit.ly/aWzSY9 #
  • 18:30 Impro Theatre: Impro Mafia’s Worst Side Story, Sunday May 16 2010, Arts Theatre @impromafia bit.ly/b8zaAW #
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4:06pm: Pix: Balls of yarn and steel, Reddacliffe Place (Brisbane Square)

30th May 2010

8:00pm: My Tweets

  • 22:11 #JellyTUB woo! Also #NotLettingEntitledRichMenPuShInTUB (@ Greystone Bar & Cellar) 4sq.com/743llB #
  • 00:29 Shared: Rome: Julius Caesar and the death agony of the republic bit.ly/9jk2F8 #
  • 00:29 Shared: Bring on the locusts! bit.ly/ahL1uz #
  • 01:07 Got to meet @JellyWrestler, @RachLuvsLife and @DaWhelp properly at #JellyTUB :D Heading home now, others off to casino. Have fun! #
  • 01:09 I'm at Cultural Centre Busway Station (Melbourne St, btw Grey & Stanley, South Brisbane). 4sq.com/5N1CkO #
  • 01:12 Also played with @DaWhelp's iPad. Very impressed with touch-screen keyboard, you could easily punch out a 250-500 word story on it. #
  • 05:42 My Top Weekly Artist #lastfm artist: Shelby Lim (15) bit.ly/8YAm56 #
  • 10:34 I just ousted Shane O. as the mayor of Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) on @foursquare! 4sq.com/8zwOdf #
  • 10:34 Finally seeing the Ron Mueck exhibition (@ Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)) 4sq.com/8zwOdf #
  • 10:35 RT @bcr_rollerderby: Social Skate @ Bundamba Skateaway from 4.30pm till 6.30pm, $5 entry for adults and $2 for kids #
  • 10:57 70-odd people queueing to buy tic for Ron Mueck right now. Wow. #
  • 11:59 I'm at The Edge @ SLQ (23 Stanley street, south brisbane, Brisbane). 4sq.com/bfxZxx #
  • 12:35 Shared: $1.7m hi-tech fire fighting unit unveiled bit.ly/bRhsjY #
  • 13:53 If anyone wants to hear new music, tunes that have just hit @4zzz's music library will be played at 3pm at the Rumpus Room in West End. #
  • 14:20 RT @brisbaneblog I can (actually) see my house from here: djckmn.com/3 #
  • 15:05 I'm at Rumpus Room (1/56 Russell St, at Boundary St, West End). 4sq.com/bkSxNQ #
  • 17:52 My Flickr photosets: SIx photos from Ron Mueck: A... bit.ly/d2r1D3 #
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6:20pm: Random unwanted electronic gear out the back of The Den, Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley

29th May 2010

8:01pm: My Tweets

  • 21:04 String room at APT6 @qaggoma - vids by @epacris71 bit.ly/dm667N & bit.ly/byKBe4 and my pics: bit.ly/abmP9N #
  • 09:39 RT @anthonydick: Special instructions for jailbreaking iPads sold in Australia bit.ly/aSz47d #
  • 09:58 RT @DrMobs: RT @Paris_David: Is it wrong to hope that the doctors name was Willis and the diagnosis was particularly complex? #fb #
  • 12:09 I'm at Pizza Mines (Road of Tears, Moorooka). 4sq.com/9M7Btm #
  • 13:39 RT @TrishwaH: Who wants a job? Must be able & licensed to Drive. Bris Nth sub. Maybe 2+hrs work tonight. View to more. Nice pay rate. MSG me #
  • 14:37 RT @Sailormouthsoap: ow.ly/1RsJ0 Don't miss the action tonight, my league the Brisbane City Rollers vs Gold Coast Roller Derby #
  • 14:42 If the ALP was a real political party and not a hollow shell it wouldn't *need* to spend our money on ads defending the mining tax. #
  • 14:45 The whole point of a party used to be that it was connected to the community and could argue its case. Not just hand out how-to-vote card. #
  • 15:08 Fascinating to see who assumes my criticism of ad campaign on mining tax means I oppose the tax itself. "With us or against us"? #
  • 16:13 I'm at Mafia Farm Vampire Zoo (Harcourt St, Brunswick St, New Farm). 4sq.com/a1wfx5 #
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7:44pm: SIx photos from Ron Mueck: A Girl, Woman with Sticks and Two Women
Just some quick photos, didn't have much time today. Will be back with my better camera and my season pass later!

Posted via email from @djackmanson

5:59am: Pic: iPad keyboard surprisingly easy to type with.
5:51am: Pic: An iPad has turned up at #JellyTUB

28th May 2010

8:02pm: My Tweets

  • 08:58 I'm at Jschool (82 Ann St, George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/aOADbR #
  • 14:01 I'm at Queen Street Mall (Upper Stage). 4sq.com/9v7UtF #
  • 15:31 On my way out to go to work but left Dave with my JSchool class :D (@ Mick O'Malley's Irish Pub) 4sq.com/8mDWvE #
  • 18:31 Whoever does the new Looney Tunes voices is actually pretty good, but it still doesn't work for me at all. Too used to Mel Blanc. #fb #
  • 19:13 RT @DrPetra: Bad laws are putting prostitutes’ lives in danger |Alan White - Times Online: bit.ly/adPbut #fb #
  • 19:52 One Laptop Per Child gets tax-deductible status in Australia bit.ly/dz28pv #fb #
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27th May 2010

8:01pm: My Tweets

  • 20:05 Shut up Gus #origin #
  • 23:22 Taxi and private car have collided at Brunswick/McLachlan, Valley. Road open but traffic slow through intersection #bnetraffic #
  • 23:55 I'm at Mafia Farm Vampire Zoo (Harcourt St, Brunswick St, New Farm). 4sq.com/a1wfx5 #
  • 08:24 Shared: Qld defeats NSW in first Origin clash bit.ly/bbcZSE #
  • 08:25 Blah. Run down. Exhausted even. Must tidy room today. #
  • 11:28 Shared: Most ‘Bringing them home’ recommendations ignored – indigenous leader bit.ly/dBfJlC #
  • 11:28 Shared: Fraser: The right goes all mushy bit.ly/9jGesB #
  • 11:42 Politically homeless: Liberal Party moderates have been defeated and scattered; their supposed leaders are useless bit.ly/cAcDxD #fb #
  • 12:10 RT @amassingham: A new type of phishing attack "tabnabbing" is quite a scary notion : tinyurl.com/25qavn7 #
  • 12:23 @Centrelinkgovau Were you happy with the way you were portrayed.in the musical of your life? centrelinkthemusical.com/ #
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26th May 2010

8:01pm: My Tweets

  • 23:10 Shared: Censorship is not the answer to health scares bit.ly/beZpnW #
  • 03:28 My Flickr photosets: String Room, APT6 (Liminal Air... bit.ly/abmP9N #
  • 03:28 My Flickr photosets: People Holding Flowers, APT6 bit.ly/cPWY2z #
  • 07:53 Fraser quits Liberal Party: report - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) bit.ly/9coTkZ #fb #
  • 08:23 Going to see Manfred Cross speak at @slqld on anniversary of 1967 referendum then check out Ron Mueck at @qaggoma #fb #
  • 08:40 I wonder if people know Malcolm Fraser in the 60s was a hard-right supporter of South Africa because they kept black Communists down? #fb #
  • 09:37 Re my previous Tweet on Malcolm Fraser, please see @MargaretSimons' replies to me for info suggesting I am wrong. Will check and dig. #
  • 10:05 If I'm connected to Wi-Fi on my #TelstraDesire, will it use that first and not my 3G connection? Or safer to turn off 3G to conserve credit? #
  • 10:10 So if I'd checked carefully I'd have known Manfred Cross was speaking TOMORROW #FacePalm. Oh well still stuff on today. #
  • 14:27 I'm at State Library Of Queensland (Stanley Place, at Peel Street, South Brisbane). 4sq.com/5U05u8 #
  • 15:10 So apparently at The Edge if you come in at opening time you can monopolise a computer all day even if you're just emailing +Stalkbooking #
  • 16:54 I'm at The Edge @ SLQ (23 Stanley street, south brisbane, Brisbane). 4sq.com/bfxZxx #
  • 17:33 Poor girl behind the counter looks like she's had the longest shift ever (@ KFC, Myer Centre) 4sq.com/daq4mV #
  • 17:56 Oh ok, people who say Macca's wifi is slow aren't just freedom-hating vegetarians. #fb #
  • 18:18 RT @bronska01: Time to get ready for the footy. GO THE BLUES! #
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