June 1st, 2010

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  • 22:25 Finally listening to @conwayzygier's new album "Half Man Half Woman". Particularly like "Take Pity on the Beast" and "Cul de Sac". #
  • 23:46 Israel massacres peace activists in the Mediterranean bit.ly/b78W9L #fb #
  • 07:04 7am +the bus is over 3/4 full. I shall treat boasts that new buses = better public transport w skepticism. No use without more drivers #fb #
  • 07:05 That's 3/4 of *full capacity*. Almost every seat taken. #
  • 07:24 I'm at Quattro (266 George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/8XIaTO #
  • 07:46 Shared: Rome: Expansion and upheaval bit.ly/aiH3vD #
  • 07:49 Pinch and a Punch for the first day of the month no returns for ever times a million! #fb #
  • 08:06 RT @brisbaneleft: Speakout against Israel's attack on aid flotilla bit.ly/bsJEjP [J4Palestine BNE] #fb #
  • 08:09 Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight... RT @abcnews: Feminism blamed for rising female violence bit.ly/9WFYwl #
  • 08:12 In late-breaking news, feminism also to blame for global warming, several wars and Justin Bieber. #
  • 12:45 My Flickr photosets: Pix: Balls of yarn and steel,... bit.ly/b4OLWS #
  • 17:13 Great day! Good long talk with a fellow student, saw Emilie on the bus to work, random workmate said she liked my Flickr photos. :D #fb #
  • 18:01 My Flickr photosets: Pix: So I heard about... bit.ly/aS9Ann #
  • 18:31 RT @girlclumsy: Quit. www.girlclumsy.com #
  • 18:34 So according to Israel if you board a boat in international waters they're not allowed to defend their own property? Gotcha. #fb #
  • 18:41 RT @hoydenabouttown: New HaT post - is.gd/cxUmR The lamb roast roundup: Mums and censorship #
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