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  • 22:20 Shared: Escape From America: The Strange & Scary Billionaires Behind The Libertarian-Inspired Sea Castles bit.ly/dDuBXv #
  • 23:05 OK David, here's the thing. If you go to bed now you won't be totally exhausted in the morning. Do eet. DO EET! #fb #
  • 23:22 RT @damana: @Tarale @lindsayevans I vote icecream with bacon bits. [You win all the Internets for EVER] #
  • 01:34 Brisbane Blog: brisbaneblog: Vid: Trumpeter and Juggler outside Glen’s Espresso coffee cart, 82 Ann St, City djckmn.com/3f ** #
  • 02:12 YouTube: Vid: Juggler and Trumpeted at Glen's Espresso Coffee Ca ... bit.ly/9rxXuK #
  • 02:12 YouTube: Vid: Trumpeter and Juggler outside Glen's Espresso coff ... bit.ly/aqZYsh #
  • 02:39 Brisbane Blog: brisbaneblog: Vid: Juggler and Trumpeted at Glen’s Espresso Coffee Cart, City djckmn.com/3h ** #
  • 02:40 Brisbane Blog: brisbaneblog: Untitled djckmn.com/3g ** #
  • 07:25 That guy who runs @27bslash6? He must be very rich or a secret agent. Also, he has a car for sale www.27bslash6.com/sold.html #
  • 07:26 Happy Birthday to the wonderful @Bronska01! xox #
  • 07:38 What? It's @TristanRose's birthday too? Have a great day :) #
  • 08:24 Oh, here come the future cubicle slaves to be taught how to mail merge using Office 2003. I must escape from that sort of job prospect. #fb #
  • 09:01 I'm at Jschool (82 Ann St, George St, Brisbane). 4sq.com/aOADbR #
  • 13:53 May I suggest you follow @TransFailSEQ and @Centrelinkgovau for the lulz? #followfriday #ff #
  • 13:54 RT @4ZzZ: The 4ZzZ Music Department presents Music Geekzzz! 3-7pm, Sun 6th Jun at the Rumpus Room in West End. ow.ly/i/1LPW #
  • 13:59 May I suggest you follow @TransFailSEQ and @Centerlinkgovau for the lulz? #followfriday #ff (corrected spelling) #
  • 15:57 I'm at Mafia Farm Vampire Zoo (Harcourt St, Brunswick St, New Farm). 4sq.com/a1wfx5 #
  • 16:32 RT @ThatFishGuy: Kevin Rudd needs to learn that when Obama puts maybe on facebook, it doesn't mean he's definitely coming. #
  • 17:12 Blue Heaven Flavoured Topping, Flavoured Topping, Beverage, Jelly Crystals, Topping, Vinegar bit.ly/9hZnJ2 @definatalie #
  • 18:56 Looking good, smelling *nice* (Thank you Mr Hilfiger). Ready for a fun night out with good people #fb #
  • 19:08 I'm at Tibetan Kitchen (454 Brunswick Street, Brisbane). 4sq.com/b9UhWN #
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