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Beeefcake's Live Journal

David Jackmanson
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Arkady Renko fan, Advanced call centre skills. I like to chat +promote creative commons, adventurous +artistic people in Brisbane, Australia.

Brisbane Blog

Let's Take Over

Strange Times

My photobooks for sale at Lulu
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My updates at Twitter. This is the best way to follow everything I am doing; my Twitter account automatically updates when I write a blog or LiveJournal post, put photos on Zooomr or Flickr, send a video to Blip.tv, Vox, or YouTube, check in on Brightkite, and so on, but if you are on Jaiku, Tumblr or Friendfeed my Twitter updates get copied there as well. I'm waiting for Pownce to be able to do the same thing.

My photos at Zooomr
My photos at Flickr (usually only photos that I have sent to my my blog from my mobile phone)

My videos at Blip.tv
My videos at YouTube
My short videos at Vox

My videos at Blip.TV and YouTube are ones that I've used in blog posts. The videos at Vox are short, spur-of-the-moment ones I've sent in with my videophone.

My artwork at deviantART

My profile at Facebook
My MySpace
My music profile at Last.fm
My reading at Bkkeepr
My books at LibraryThing
My checkins at Brightkite

My updates at Friendfeed
My updates at Jaiku
My updates at Tumblr
My updates at Pownce
My bookmarks at del.ici.ous